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The Scottish Gliding Centre (SGC) has a long history, going back to early experiments at soaring the local hills in the 1930's. The site in its present location was established in the 1950's to take advantage of the ridge-soaring possibilities of the adjacent Lomond and Benarty hills. Hill-soaring remains a popular activity, although with the increases in performance of modern gliders, much higher and longer flights are now possible in suitable weather conditions, using thermal and wave lift.

The clubhouse, with panoramic views of the flying operations, offers basic but comfortable accommodation, snacks, teas and meals, and a licensed bar is available to SGC members. Clubhouse meals, which are of high quality and reasonably priced, are popular with non-flying visitors as well as our own members, especially in view of the interesting view outside, one which not many other restaurants can compete with!

One of the key developments associated with Walking on Air was to modify the access to the clubhouse, in order to permit unaided wheelchair access. As the clubhouse is on a relatively-high foundation, this necessitated the building of a long "wrap-around" ramp, from the car park to the main entrance. The ramp is gentle enough to permit a wheelchair user with normal strength to negotiate it. In addition, a completely new toilet and shower-block was commissioned. This includes level access to a toilet and shower, both of which have ample space in which to manoeuvre a wheelchair. There is ample free car parking, which is situated on the far side of the clubhouse as you approach from the main entrance. Please do not leave cars unattended in front of the hangars or fuelling-point, as aircraft need access to these at all times.

The local area, which is mostly rural in nature and of considerable scenic beauty, offers a wide range of other outdoor activities. A large indoor shopping-mall with ramp access is available at Glenrothes, about 6m distant.


Walking on Air – Portmoak, Scottish Gliding Center
I've just returned from a weekend of ridge soaring, winch launches, aerotows and aerobatics. A whole new world of techniques to learn and master. I was fortunate enough to join Steve Derwin and a host of kind volunteers from Walking on Air up in Scotland for a weekend’s gliding. All be it the wind had decided not to be in our favor, this just made things a little more interesting. They had a great setup there. With an onsite cafe, wheelchair accessible rooms, roll in shower, barbecue area and most importantly a cheap bar. The K21 glider had a rudder conversion which sat nicely just below the air brakes. It was easy to use and very effective both on the ground and in the air. I’d definitely recommend a visit and ask for a winch launch on full whack !!