Air Experience Flight

An Air Experience flight will let you discover the joys of silent flight first hand.  You might be thinking of taking up gliding, curious, or have it on your ‘must do’ list.  These are all great reasons to book a flight!

You will have a winch or aerotow launch and up to 25 minutes of soaring flight for £50.  If a soaring flight is not possible on the first flight a second launch (on the same day) will be offered at no extra cost. Flights are normally on a Friday at the Scottish Gliding Centre.

This video shows the excitement of a winch launch – an aerotow is much more serene!

Depending on the weather you might experience hill lift, soar in thermals, fly in “wave” or simply drift down from an aerotow (up to about 2,000 feet). Either way it is the experience of a lifetime floating quietly and effortlessly above some of Scotland’s most spectacular countryside.

From a typical aerotow you can see the local hills, the Ochils and Loch Leven.  You can often see across the Forth and Tay, and sometimes as far as the Grampians.

I want to try gliding!

Contact us to arrange a flight which will be on a Friday

If you decide you want to take up gliding, we can upgrade your Air Experience Flight to full membership.

The small print

Your air experience flight includes one months introductory membership of WoA.  Any further flights will be at the normal cost, as per our tariff.  At the end of the month any further period of membership must be for a full 12 months.